Anyone Reading This?

5 Mar

To anyone reading this:

As you’ve noticed, we don’t blog here anymore. Emily has been blogging at Portraits of My Heart and I have been blogging at the Fight for Fitness.

That is where we will stay.

I’m sure if you want to find us you’ll find a way to find us.


Excited for Christmas

19 Dec

Letter to Santa

29 Nov

Here is Taylor’s letter to Santa. Mommy was able to help her and Tay added her signature at the bottom:

(Click for larger view).

Turkey Tri Race Report

6 Nov

Read about my triathlon at or just click here.

Tay and the Goat

25 Oct

We went to Hee Haw Farms last Saturday. The rain soaked us but we got some fun video before it did. Here’s Tay trying to feed a goat:

We showed her the video and she thought it was super funny so we recorded her reaction:

Here’s Tay just being funny the other day:

Little T is Growing Up

20 Oct

Some fun pics my mom took of Tay last week. Can’t believe how she’s growing so fast.

Latest Pictures

19 Sep

Here are the latest pictures:

Taylor loves swings.  Once you get her in one, she’s not gonna want to ever come out.

Just hanging out at home.

Dancing with Mami Bella at the Festival LatinoAmericano in Provo over Labor Day Weekend. Trying to work on some new moves.

Met Cosmo at the BYU women’s soccer game.  She didn’t like him at first but the rest of the game she was looking for him.

Watching soccer or looking for Cosmo.  Not sure which one.

Daddy-daughter date to Great Harvest Bread.

Learning how to use this thing they call a toilet.

Reading about how to use the potty.

Just being cute.