28 Jul

Here’s Taylor on Pioneer Day.  We went down to the celebration at a local park and met up w/ some friends and had a great time. 

At 4am on Sunday morning we woke up to Taylor throwing up.  We were up w/ her for a few hours and she threw up a few more times.  Doc said to give her Pedialyte and see how she does.  Said it would probably be a 24-hour bug thing.  That night I started to feel sick, too.  I never threw up, but had a miserable night.

Monday, because Taylor was still sick, and now I was, Emily stayed home from work to take care of us.  Taylor threw up again.  I never did, but felt all day that I would.  After a good night’s sleep, today I’m feeling good.

Today Taylor seemed to be getting better but had a slight fever.  I went over to Grandma’s to give her a blessing and take care of her. 

Here I am hooking her up w/ some of her grape Pedialyte.  She loves that stuff.  Now, this afternoon, she’s doing well and we’re gonna feed her some of mama’s milk and see how she does.  If it doesn’t take, it’s doctor visit time!


One Response to “Sick”

  1. Carolyn Holderness July 28, 2009 at 10:34 pm #

    I’m so sorry to hear that you guys were sick! It’s SO hard to have a sick child. Especially when they’re throwing up.

    Let me know if we can help somehow!

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