I Like Sports

6 Sep

Yesterday was a great day to be a BYU fan and a US soccer fan.  My brother Brad got me and my brothers tix to go see the USA v. El Salvador World Cup Qualifier match last night in Sandy.  We were on the 4th row, NE corner of the field. 

It was sweet because the 2 goals the US scored were right in front of us.  The US won 2-1. 

We were surrounded by mostly El Salvador fans.  It was crazy.  ES scored the first goal to go up 1-0 and the place went nuts.  It was like an away game.  My brother Mike got beer spilled on him during the crazy El Salvador celebration. 

Here are some of the ES fans.  They got a lot more quiet as the US took the lead and held on.  It was a great game to be at, although the US should have scored more and played better.  Still fun, though. 

So the BYU game was going on at the same time as the soccer game.  Good thing for TiVo.  Came home and watched this:

Confused Sam Bradford

Sam Bradford looks a little confused.  Stinks he got hurt, but he didn’t do much in the first half anyway.  Great win for the Cougs.  Hope they don’t let me down this year.

Oh, and for those that are here only to see pics of Taylor, here ya go:

She loves to put stuff on her head.  Pretty funny.


One Response to “I Like Sports”

  1. Annabella September 6, 2009 at 10:52 pm #

    Yea, more pictures of Taylor would be fun; look at your website every two days looking for updates! I love that little girl so much!

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